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Double Wall Corrugated Duct (DWC Pipe)

DWC Pipe manufactured from HDPE material is designed as a technical superior and cost effective solution for replacement of GI, RCC & PVC pipes for laying fibre optic and electric cable networks.
DWC Pipes are manufactured in double wall construction, ie. the outer corrugated wall gives excellent mechanical properties like high ring stiffness, higher impact strength and crush resistance and the inner smooth wall facilitates easy insertion of ducts and cables. DWC Pipes are available as per IS-14930 & BSEN 50086 standards. The standard length is 6 mtr. Fittings like, elbows, tee’s, bends, couplers are also available.

Size range :

OD / ID (in mm)

78 / 63

90 / 76

120 / 103.5

180 / 152

200 / 170

Advantages :
Long life as compared to GI, RCC, PVC Pipes.
Light weight and therefore easy to transport, handle and install.
Excellent mechanical properties and ability to take heavy loads.
High flexibility to take bends and curves.
Cost effective as compared to rigid HDPE Pipes also.
Easy jointing by push fit couplers, hence very low installation cost.

Applications :
Protection for Ducts/Cables.
Replacement of GI/RCC/PVC Pipes across, rail, road crossings, culverts, along rail tracks.



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